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Gale's Street Time episodes

Just a reminder that Gale’s Street Time episodes will be on again starting on Thursday on Showtime Extreme and on Showcase, here is the schedule check local listings for times:

August 5th – Gone on Showtime Extreme

August 6th- Gone on Showcase

August 12th - Get up, Stand Up a.k.a. Smack on Showtime Extreme

August 13th- Get Up, Stand up a.k.a. Smack on Showcase.

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Awesome, thanks...


what are they?
You're welcome. Here is a link to some info for you. : )

Oh, awesome, thank you!
Sure : )
I'm sorry I forgot to mention this:

Episode #208 Gone

Dee (Erika Alexander) oversees Geoff Beddoes (Gale Harold),
a popular rock star with a drug problem. Beddoes' wife,
Vivian (Jayne Heitmeyer), persuades him to resume his
heroin use. Dee goes to bat for Beddoes and asks
that he be sent to rehab instead of jail.
Vivian shows up and gets Beddoes to leave the facility.

Episode #209 Get Up, Stand Up (a.k.a. Smack)

Dee learns Beddoes' whereabouts from his manager,
Ms. Fisher (Joanne Baron). Dee convinces Mosley (Terrance Dashon)
to let her try one more time to get Beddoes into a rehab instead of sending him back to prison. Mosley hides Beddoes'whereabouts from his manager and attorney, Arthur Marx (Carlo Rota), who he believes are just using Geoff. Vivian overdoses on heroin, but is ultimately able to pull through.

Dee has Beddoes stay with her for a few days until a place opens
in a detox center. He tries to escape, but Dee forces him to stay and confront his personal demons.